Les vins du domaine de la petite roche

Rosé de Loire L'Angevin


Where does the wine come from
  • The terroir is the result of all of the factors in the vineyard's ecosystem: the soil, the subsoil, the climate, the topography and the wine grower.The Loire vineyards have developed with the diversity that is specific to its varied mixture of soils and the relief and different aspects of the land. Differences in terroirs are expressed very clearly in the great variety of wines, even when they are produced from the same grape variety.The Anjou region benefits from a mild, damp climate with a maritime influence. The Anjou is composed of primary schists, offering a highly diverse range of wines. The grapes for this   100 % Cabenet franc red is cultivated on sandy loam soil.

Tasting notes

  • Pink robe with peach hues.

    Strong nose with white fruits and sweet vanilla notes.

    Heady and full with vine peach and toasted vanilla flavours. Subtle balance that lasts into a persisting finish.


  • Fermentation and ageing in new barrels for 6 to 8 months.

Food pairing

  • St Jacques with sesame and chocolate sauce.

    Lamb with Provence herbs

    Goat cheese and thyme pastry

    Mild curry

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