The Regnard family acquired their first vines in 1791, shortly after the French Revolution. Today, the vineyard spans over 83 ha around the village of Trémont (Maine-et-Loire).

The People


Gwenaëlle Regnard revitalised her husband's (François Regnard) legacy with her experience and determination to invest in the future.

"The world can't survive on a bowl of salad and a glass of water"

Antoine Poupard - from Anjou, Antoine has been responsible for the company's management and production since 2007. With over 10 years experience in France and overseas (South Africa and Australia), he has a fresh approach to the longstanding winemaking tradition, which accentuates the originality and uniqueness of our terroirs and wines.

"It is not complicated to do things right"

Johandie Poupard, Antoine's wife, is responsible for the sale of wines, both in France and abroad.

We have a dedicated team of 8 staff.


The Technique

"Winemaking is the art of nurturing, understanding and revealing the terroir, through its expression in the wine - to inspire!"

Preparation and adaptation of the vintage according to the various climatic conditions, plot vinification, cold maceration in stainless steel tanks and temperature control are the basic practices to guarantee the expression of the different terroirs.

The art of blending reveals the vast and original ensemble of colors and aromatic hues.

Common sense, consistency, hard work and know-how are invaluable tools in our search for Excellence.

"To produce rosé is not a second choice"

Rosé wines represent 60% of our production.  The terroir gives structure and depth, while the vines are meticulously prepared and cared for in order to produce grapes apt for the vinification of quality rosé. It's certainly the most delicate of wines to succeed.  Everything needs to perfect to allow this fragile wine to boast its complexity.  Rosé simply does not tolerate mediocrity!

"Anjou offers beautiful terroirs"

Anjou, with its 2 star varietals Chenin and Cabernet Franc, and the diversity of its soils, schist on one side and limestone on the other, has many faces to offer.

Over the last few years, the Domaine has launched new cuvées of Anjou Blanc and Anjou Rouge that combine tradition and modernity.

Every year, our wines are awarded in French and international Concours.

le domaine de la petite roche